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Wellness Checks and Computer Tune-ups

Wellness checks are just like car tune-up or annual Doctor’s visits.  They are designed to look for early warning signs of potential problems.  Hopefully, the checks we run on your systems will keep your computers running at their full potential.

  • Verify Anti-virus software is running.  Review the logs to look for the last time it ran a scan, a database update, and if has detected any infections
  • Run a few other scans looking for malware, adware, browser hijackers and other system annoyances
  • Check the 4 primary systems to make sure nothing is slowing the system down
  • Check Windows Updates to make sure the system is properly updated.  This ensures there are as few security vulnerabilities as possible
  • Make sure the fans are running and that the systems are located in physically suitable environments.  Environment is the number one killer of computers.
  • Talk with the users to find out if they have any issues we should address either with the system or any education we can offer