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Virus Removal

Virus Removal


Viruses come from a variety of sources. Everyone tries to protect themselves, but sometimes, things happen.

You have to be careful which links you click on when browsing the web or reading your email.  Email is the number 1 way to become infected with Ransomware or malware.  Not only can we help you clean and tune-up your computer, but we also offer antivirus software.  We have partnered with Avast to offer the Avast Business Cloudcare.  The thing we like most about this product is that it notifies us at the same time it notifies you of anything going on with your system.  It will tell us if you’ve been infected, haven’t run a scan in a while, haven’t updated the antivirus database, or if you have resources that are being over used such as memory, hard drive or CPU.

Never fear. We can perform Virus Removal for you. Or we can teach you how to do it yourself.