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Computer Repair

Computer Repair

With over 30 years experience we are able to help you fix your computer.  Whether your hard drive has died, you’ve been infected with a virus or malware, or you’ve broken your laptop screen, we can help you.

  • Is your computer slow?
  • Has your browser been hijacked?
  • When was the last time your system was backed up?

We can help with these issues and many more. We work on Laptops and Desktops as well as Servers

Here is a list of common issues that we can help with:

  • Performance Issues due to hardware
  • Performance Issues due to malware
  • Scamware, Scareware, Browser Hijackers, Virus Removal
  • New PC purchase consulting
  • New PC setup and data migration
  • Install or Troubleshoot Printer Issues
  • Network and/or Data Sharing issues
  • Setting up email across multiple devices