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Personal Antivirus

Do you need Antivirus Protection on my home computer?

Viruses sound scary, with the COVID-19 pandemic and all of large computer hacks that are happening. Of course, human virus do not impact your computer, but there are many that do; they impact any internet-connected device, computers, phones, and tablets in particular.  Some operating systems have antivirus protection built-in; you may ask if getting a third-party antivirus software really necessary?

Some types of devices need it more than others. The only operating system that you do not need to install an extra antivirus software on is iPhones. However, Windows, macOS, and Androids all still need an extra layer antivirus software.

Every single day, new malware and other online threats continue emerge. In fact, the AV-Test Institute registers over 350,000 new pieces of malware and potentially unwanted applications (PUA) every day.  Some operating systems are more suspectable to viruses than others.  Windows computers being at the top of the Ransomware attack target list, over 87% of Ransomware attacks were Windows based computers.

How Does Antivirus Software Protect Your Devices?

In a nutshell, antivirus software will scan your devices for viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. If it detects anything malicious, it will quarantine and remove the file. This is a VERY high level and oversimplification but, in the end, this is how it works.  We are able to monitor your system remotely and ensure that we can help protect your device or devices to stop or remove any virus quickly.  The software notifies us if it notifies us of any issues and we take it from there.

There are many free Antivirus Software programs out there, but realize they come with restrictions, remember things are free for a reason.  They offer limitations, whether it is the number of devices they protect, lack of firewalls, device combability or length of time it is free. 

No matter what, you need additional antivirus protection for your device, and we are here to help.  Give us a call to learn about the program we use at Shared Knowledge Technical Solutions to keep your personal treasures secure