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Managed IT Services

Free Up Your Time with Managed IT Services

Small businesses need all the support they can get to help them as they grow their business. We know how to help make that happen.

We offer small businesses managed IT support services; this allows you (the owner) to focus on your business on not have to worry about dealing with the office IT issues when they arise.  It is important that your staff has a stable network connection and a solid support team to help keep in running smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This allows you to get back your time to focus on operating and growing your business.

At Shared Knowledge Technical Solutions, we are your outsourced IT department.  We are a phone call away to support your business with your IT needs and support you in an instant if issues arise.

Our managed IT solutions team will work with you to understand your IT needs down to the smallest detail. Our goal is to develop a tailor-made IT plan that keeps your business ahead of the tech curve for years to come, while maximizing your budget.

We quickly respond to your business and assess your IT network and identify any issues your system may have. We also do proactive maintenance to prevent IT problems that may affect your entire business operations.

Let’s Start Working Together

At Shared Knowledge Technical Solutions we want to be your partner, we meet with you to understand the specific IT challenges that your company has, and our team performs a technical and business assessment to detect any current or potential problems. We then deliver a proposal with specific recommendations and an action plan to correct those issues and our plan to work together and keep your IT in tact.