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Business Antivirus

Strengthen your security with cloud-based sandboxing technology

Helps prevent ransomware, zero-day attacks and other complex threat’s from impacting your IT infrastructure.

What is a cloud security sandbox?

Cloud security sandboxes are isolated test environments in which suspicious programs can be executed and their behavior observed and analyzed–all in an automated manner.

Protection against advanced attacks

EDTD’s fast, cloud-based processing power keeps your business fully armed against advanced malware, including:

Zero-day threats

Zero-day exploits are particularly dangerous because they’re launched on the same day a vulnerability in your system is discovered—before antivirus signatures are available to detect them. As the vulnerability is known only to the attacker, no patch exists to mitigate it. Zero-day exploits can be used to infect computers, steal data, install ransomware and other malware, and spread unchecked until a patch is created and installed. Office applications, web browsers, operating systems, even IoT devices can be affected by zero- day attacks.


Ransomware—malicious software used for extortion—continues to be a major threat to organizations of all sizes. Highly profitable and easy to spread via email, ransomware can be used to encrypt files and documents or lock screens on devices, networks and servers. Even if you pay the ransom, there’s no guarantee your data or equipment will be unlocked. With the rise in the remote workforce model, ransomware attacks have increased dramatically, targeting Remote Desktop Proto-col vulnerabilities as well as distracted or un-trained employees.

Advanced persistent threats

An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a network attack in which an unauthorized per-son or organization gains access to a network and stays there, undetected, for a long period of time—often, for months or even years. The-se sophisticated attacks are performed by skilled, often state-backed groups with significant financial, technical and human resources. This gives them the ability to remain hidden while they access sensitive data, plant destructive code or create backdoor programs that allow them to access the target network or computer at will.

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