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Headache Cures for Small Business

Computer issues are a real hassle for Small Businesses. There are other important issues that need to be dealt with, so if something goes wrong with your computer or your network, it sets everything else behind. I get it.

Here is a tip to help minimize the impact of computer issues. Make sure you keep a binder/folder with all of your systems information. The more information you have at your fingertips the easier it is to manage when something isn’t right.

You need to know when you purchased each machine, where you bought it, what is the admin password for the local machine/server. You should have a password management policy that lets everyone know what to do when they need a password or change a password.

For each machine, you need to know what the warranty status is. When the machine is purchased and logged into your “Computer Information Binder”, you also write down the terms of the warranty: i.e. when the warranty expires, who to call for warranty service, what does the warranty cover.

You need similar information for each software package that you use. It doesn’t not matter if it is software installed on each computer, or if it cloud based. You want to know when you got it, how long is it paid for, what do you get for your money, and who to call when something doesn’t work.

As always, we can help you gather all the important information so when you have a problem, you can handle it quickly.