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Cloud Backup

Everyday, people are more and more dependent on their computers. At home and at work, it is getting more difficult to go 24 hours without touching a computer. We do everything from scheduling our business appointments to printing recipes.

The more we do, the more information is stored on the devices we use: phones, tablets, home computer, work computer, laptop. Having information in so many places makes it difficult to keep track. Yet, when one device dies, we panic because we don’t always remember exactly what was on it or if we have copies on another device.

This is where “cloud backups” come in handy. Cloud backup services monitor your information and backup to a server via the internet. You can run the same cloud backup service on ALL your devices, thus backing up everything too one place. This means if a device stops working, your data is still available to your new device. NOTHING LOST!! No more lost previous years taxes, no more lost customer databases, no more lost photos or Christmas card lists. You can usually access the data from anywhere, not just the machine the information was generated on.

Shared Knowledge has partnered with LiveDrive as our cloud backup service of choice. $59/year for UNLIMITED storage space.

If you would like to create a backup plan or if you would like additional information, give us a call… 540.303.2410