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Scammers…How to detect and protect

We are on a personal crusade to inform as many people as we can about “Ransomware”.  It is one of the scariest forms of computer viruses to hit in many many years.

And yet, we are seeing another very big problem…The dreaded “call from Microsoft”.  You receive a call from someone stating they are from Microsoft and they have detected that your computer has been infected.  They request access to your system.  Finally, they show you all sorts of stuff you’ve never seen before and scare the bejeezes out of you.  And the kicker?? for $XXX.00 amount of money, they will be happy to resolve your issues for you.

When they are all done, your computer won’t hardly work.  We’ve seen it all too many times. When your system won’t work anymore, you begin to suspect that they weren’t actually from Microsoft.  And they aren’t.  We are seeing this happen far to often.

Don’t fall for this scam.  Nobody from Microsoft is watching to see if your system has become infected.  Do not trust anyone that “scares” you.

Should you receive one of these calls, you can thank them politely, hang up,  and then give Shared Knowledge a call.  We are happy to scan your system to make sure everything is alright.

And please, let your parents know that Microsoft will NEVER call them.